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Posted by Lorri Brunette on

We have big news that we’d like to share! To use a green industry joke, we’re so excited we wet our plants! Literally. Poly-Tex is proud to announce that we’ve inked a partnership with WaterPulse, Inc. to be their distributor in the United States and Canada for their capillary-action watering mats! (You can get the details here:

If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re making a big splash in the industry. With water shortages growing to alarming rates and water conservation being such a high priority, you’ll be hearing a lot more about these amazing capillary-action watering mats. Aside from saving labor on watering, these mats can save you up to 70% on your water usage. And there’s more…who hasn’t lost a percentage of their product to over- or under-watering? Using capillary action watering allows potted plants to utilize water just like they would if they were planted…from the roots up, and they only take as much as they need.

These systems are easy to install on our displays but don’t assume that they are simple. First and foremost, they are sized to fit our displays which is important if you don’t want a mat hanging off the edge of a display flooding water onto the ground. Secondly the mats themselves use the latest technology to insure even water distribution to all the plants. While you can use the mats by themselves, the WaterPulse system also has a unique Vortex Injector system with optional timers so that you can fine-tune your watering even more. And stay tuned for more cool options coming soon!

Our Poly-Tex displays are known in the industry for their quality. You definitely save money over the long haul, as they may very well be the last displays you ever need to buy. Seriously, that’s how long they last! Now add that savings to the water and labor savings you’re going to get using WaterPulse mats and that’s a win/win! Have some of those long-lasting displays from before we updated our display line? No problem, these mats can be retro-fitted to those displays as well.

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