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is a global leader in the home watering solutions market. Established in 1906, the ELGO product line spreads over 5 continents and 40 countries.

As a world innovator,ELGO brings state-of-the-art watering solutions to the everyday consumer home. Experts in the field of micro-irrigation products, their leading advantage is components and kits that are simple, effective in design and easy to install.

Other areas of expertise include underground commercial irrigation systems and hose-end products such as sprinklers, hoses, hose reels, accessories and timers.

  • Pre-assembled systems make installation quick with limited tools required.
  • Increase plant growth with much less water (saves up to 70% compared to an overhead irrigation system)
  • Delivers outstanding uniformity and eliminates extra watering through targeted/focused irrigation
  • Significantly reduces evaporative water waste during hot temperatures
  • Reduces water run-off that would otherwise end up in the street and storm sewers
  • Systems are expandable and can be customized for multiple irrigation needs


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