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Solar Canopy Structures

Poly-Tex has been providing canopy structures for over 30 years to our original market, the passive solar greenhouse industry. We have provided greenhouse canopy systems nationwide, including large systems in excess of five acres and are now extending our designs to address solar canopy systems. Historically solar canopy installations have been challenging due to their higher cost when compared to rooftop or ground mount systems. Our new Tri-Plane Truss design can help bring financial feasibility to your solar canopy projects.

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Tri-Plane Truss Canopies

Features and Benefits

  • Site specific pre-sale design drawings provided to developers
  • In-house licensed engineering department can provide PE certified drawings for building permits
  • Galvanized steel or painting available
  • Modular truss members at nominal 20' for efficient shipping and site logistics
  • No on-site welding required
  • Water/snow/ice management available
  • Designed and manufactured in Minnesota
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Mono Truss Canopy



  • 0 - 30 degree tilt
  • 20' wide to cover two parking spaces
  • 66' truss spans between posts with up to 20' cantilevers
  • Portrait PV module orientation



Tilted Plane Array



  • 0 - 10 degree tilt
  • Up to 66' span with up to 20' cantilevers
  • 30' truss spacing
  • Landscape PV module orientation


Structures are designed and manufactured in Minnesota, USA. We can design, engineer and manufacture
solar support structure - keeping you on time and on budget.


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